The Cienfuegos Botanical Garden Event November 2014

nev-blo.jpgThe Cienfuegos Botanical Garden was founded in 1901 by Mr. Edwin F. Atkins and at the beginning it was a station for studying and investigating sugar cane and other kinds of species of economical interest, which at first were the premises for the collection of tropical and subtropical plants we have nowadays. It is the oldest botanical garden in Cuba and was declared National Monument of the Republic of Cuba in 1989. The garden holds significant collections of palms, ficuses, bamboo and others. The garden has more than 8000 plants that belong to more than 1600 species and about 130 families.
Since its foundation the garden has carried out prominent investigations about sugar cane, medicinal and vascular plants and others of economic interest. It has also developed specific projects on environmental education, control for invasive plants, conservation of threatened plants and ecology of zoological populations. Utowana was a ship to carry out scientific investigations and it was transformed after Dr.
Thomas Barbour proposal to his owner, Mr. Oak Ames. Resulting to the numerous investigations all around the tropical and subtropical regions of the planet, a numerous and important species brought to CBG in the ship are part of the collection it has today. Utowana became a bridge between the young garden and the rest of the world. Thus, Utowana symbolically becomes again into a bridge of interchange with the rest of the scientific community of the world.

The Cienfuegos Botanical Garden calls, “Utowana 2014”, Scientific International Event to celebrate the 113
Anniversary of its foundation.
The Event will be held from November 15 to 17, 2014 a The Cienfuegos Botanical Garden,

Utowana 2014
Organizing Committee
Ing. Leosveli Vasallo Rodríguez
Executive Secretaries
Félix Pazos Sánchez, Ba.
Rosalina Montes Espín. Eng.
Topics called
History of the Science
Land scape building and horticulture
Phytogeography and ethnobotany
Biotechnology and management of phytogenetical resources
Ecology, systematic and conservation of the biodiversity
Management of botanical collections and invasive exotic species
Environmental Education and the role of botanical gardens in sustainable development
Delivery of abstracts: Before September 30, 2014
The abstracts should be sent to:
Rosalina Montes Espín:
Félix Pazos Sánchez:

Abstracts are accepted either in Spanish or English and may not exceed 250 words. Written in: Letter (21,59 cm x 27,94
cm), Arial 12, justified. If the whole paper is sent it will be published in the memories of the event, but they should adapt
to the following:
Font: Arial 12.
Language: Spanish or English.
Space: Simple, with an extra space at the end of each paragraph or section..
Title: Capital setter at the beginning, black, centered. When using vernacular names for species the scientific name should
be included in parentheses.
Author (s): Capital setter at the beginning and centered.. Use sub indexes for multiple addresses of the authors.
Addresses: Bold type and capital letter at the beginning. Centered.
Oficial Travel Agency: Havanatur SA. Travel Agency
Representative: Albis Chailloux
Teléf.: (537) 201-9761
Utowana 2014

Utowana 2014
Registration Fee:
The Registration Fee should be paid at The Cienfuegos Botanical Garden the first day of registration. The fee covers the right to participate in the
conference, the documents, printed materials, coffee break, lunch, snacks and closing activity.
Foreign Delegates: 250.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible)
National Delegates: 200.00 CUP (Cuban peso)
Other activities:
Presentation of the first Bulletin “Utowana”.
Photo display: “Biodiversity”
Post Conference::
Workshop: “The Palms of Central Cuba”
Workshop: “The Orquids of the Guhamuhaya Mountains”
Havanatur Tour &Travel, has organized the following packs:
Lodging in Cienfuegos (Prices per pax per night):
Jagua Hotel
Single :88.00 CUC
Double :67.00 CUC
Rancho Luna Hotel
Single :85.00 CUC
Double::65.00 CUC
Pasacaballo Hotel
Single :51.00 CUC
Double :42.00 CUC
Services include:
Personalized assistance.
Lodging per night with breakfast and dinner at Pasacaballo Hotel.
Lodging per one night with breakfast at Jagua Hotel.
Lodging per one night with all included service at Rancho Luna Hotel.
Lodging in Havana (Prices per pax per night):
Riviera Hotel
Single :52.00 CUC
Double :42.00 CUC
Services include:
Personalized assistance.
Lodging per one night with breakfast.
Transfer : Airport- hotel -Havana- airport .
Transfer Havana-Cienfuegos,-Cienfuegos-Havana will be coordinated according to the needs of the clients with no less than 72 hours in advance
For more information contact the Official Travel Agency.






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