A message to all.


My name is Neville Evans. I am the founder of The Caribbean and Central American Botanic Garden Network. I started the network having spent some working at Belize Botanic Gardens (BBG) in an attempt to get gardens working together  sharing ideas and seeds. When working in Belize I found that many of the plant nurseries all sold the same 20 plants which makes it difficult to develop botanical collections so I thought I could contact other gardens in the area and exchange seeds but we didn’t have any contact details. Speaking with the staff at BBG they felt isolated and frustrated with a lack of contact and I thought there maybe other gardens that are in the same situation.

I am from the UK and have worked at Oxford University Botanic Garden, Bicton Park Botanical Gardens, The Eden Project (the largest glasshouses in the world), then Belize Botanic Garden and now I am back in England working at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. In the UK we have a similar garden network to what I am hoping to achieve with  The Caribbean and Central American Botanic Garden Network and have found it a great resource of inspiration and news, hearing what other gardens have been doing.

The initial feedback from many of the Caribbean and Central American  gardens I have contacted has been  very positive but I have then heard very little from them since. I hope you will be an active part of the network. I am currently creating a E-newsletter to send to everyone and if you have any information or pictures about your garden you would like added then please send them on.

I understand that you are very busy but I really think that the network could really benefit all gardens.

Kind regards

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