leafThis site is here for you and and your garden to stay up to date with the latest developments with other botanical institutions from all over the Caribbean and Central America. Dedicated to the sharing of ideas, knowledge, genetic material as well as advertising staff exchanges; all for the benefit of botanical horticulture across the regions.

For networks between botanic gardens to be created it is essential each and every garden to be involved and to use this site to promote horticulture within their garden on an international platform. Ultimately through cooperation and understanding between the botanical community we will be enhancing our gardens, making friends and one step closer to achieving our botanical objectives.

Botanical Bridges is a 6 monthly printable E.newsletter based on contributions from gardens which will sent to all subscribers sharing some of the botanical highlights (new projects, plant collecting trips etc.) challenges like propagation and opportunities for staff and seed exchanges. Botanical Bridges also has a Facebook page for more instant networking.

 The Caribbean and Central American Botanic Garden Network and Botanical Bridges is for you. If you would like submit a article to the network or to Botanical Bridges email Neville@belizebotanic.org

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